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Friday, June 18, 2010

Creation Museum's Christian Family Night

Tonight at Champion Window Field is Christian Family Night sponsored by the Creation Museum. We will be giving away Creation Museum Dinosaur bobble head dolls to the first 1000 children in attendance.

The broadcaster for the River City Rascals, Jason Troop, mentioned that they did a similar promotion last year in River City and how it was a terrible idea to have it during a Friday night game because it killed beer sales. We'll see if beer sales suffer tonight.

Not to mention the handful of calls we've received from angry fans who feel it's unfair to have such a non-secular promotion during a baseball game.

Regardless, there will be a few christian rock bands playing pre-game here in just a few minutes and following that, one band member will be giving a 10 minute confession on the field.

I can understand where some fans, especially those who don't practice christianity, would be a bit offended by tonight's promotion. But what do you think? Post your thoughts here!


  1. Christian night rocks cause christian girls put out.

  2. Christian family night is a good idea, but Confucianism family night is the way of the future, dogg.