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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Benches Clear

The Freedom's season has had its ups, and certainly its share of downs. Being swept by the Southern Illinois Miners left more than a bitter taste in everyone's mouth, including the Sons of Liberty. Manager Toby Rumfield's frustration was evident by the end.

In the first game, after Michael Wheeler had a run-in with 1B Brad Miller of the Miners, Billy Mottram was drilled with a fastball on the next pitch. Mottram immediately slammed his helmet and charged the mound. Both benches and bullpens cleared simultaneously, and it was a few minutes before order was restored. On the way off the field, Mottram said, "Someone needed to get those guys fired up."

In the press box, we had a feeling we hadn't seen the last of the altercations between the Freedom and the Miners. After the Freedom lost game 3 in heartbreaking fashion, the benches again cleared, and although no punches were thrown, it was clear that Toby Rumfield wasn't happy with how the Miners went about celebrating.

So, what does everyone think? Is fighting in baseball a bad thing? Does it taint the game? From what I've seen in my years of baseball, sometimes you have to protect your players. If that means throwing at someone, you do it. The benches might clear, but you have to protect the guys fielding the ball behind you. As for Mottram, I think he should be given a raise. He stepped up for his team. The same goes for Rumfield. When someone is taking cheap shots at you, that's disgracing the team. That's tainting the game. So is there a place in baseball for the benches clearing? I think we need to make more room for it.

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