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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wiener Dog Race a Photo Finish

The last game before the All-Star break was a victory for the Florence Freedom. It was also the setting of the 3rd Annual Wiener Dog Race.

Big, small, long, and stumpy wiener dogs were there. Awards were given out in various categories for the pups. The main event though, was the race. There were 4 preliminary races on the right field lawn, with the 4 winners advancing to the championship race, which was on the field immediately following the game.

It was a literal photo finish, with the favorite, Little Richard Long, being edged out by newcomer Aloe.

Watch video by clicking play below.

However, if you look closely at Aloe in the far lane, you will notice one of her owners, reaching out. The arm extends, with Aloe's favorite toy in hand, over the finish line.

Is this a call for disqualification? I read the Wiener Dog Racing By-Laws, but could find nothing about a situation like this. If you ask me, the results should be recorded with an asterisk by Aloe's name. She also tested positive for steroids before the race. Little Richard Long did it the right way, which is something I think we can all aspire to do.

Regardless of who won, it was a great race. I think it goes without saying, that when it comes to wiener dog racing, no one beats the Freedom's wieners.


  1. I think one thing to remember with these dog races is that only one dog finished in first place, but they are all wieners.

  2. I cant stop laughing!!

  3. I think you are mistaken. Aloe's owner was an old woman and that is the arm of a man.

  4. Aloe's owner has since deceased. She was 82 years old. I am her daughter and the comment about the arm being that of a man is correct. Aloe won fair and square. My Mom was so happy that day. Aloe made her so very proud.