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Friday, July 9, 2010

Roster Moves by the Barrell

Being an intern at the Florence Freedom seems to have a little more job security than actually playing for the Freedom. Teams in the Frontier League generally make quite a few roster moves. Every team is trying to find the right players as we approach the All-Star break. It's not uncommon for a player to only get a few games with a team before moving on. It's the nature of the business. I've learned that it's one of the hardest parts too. It's not fun knowing a guy is leaving the club. As it is, the Freedom have made many roster moves to improve the team in the first half of the season. Here is a list of releases and acquisitions since opening day.

Signed: OF, Samuel Wiley 2B - Gabe Suarez, SS - Richard Martinez, LHP - Bryan Banes, RHP - Mario Guilin, OF - Steve Bralver, SS - Stephen Shults, OF - Michael Campbell, 1B - Cory Wine, 1B - AC Grable, INF - Jimmy Baker, INF - Max Moya - RHP - Julian Arballo, RHP - Cameron Aspaas, RHP - Mike Jackson, C - Curt Marshall, RHP - Matt Antos

Released: RHP - Matt Gibbs, SS - Justin Armiger, LHP - Chuck Tiffany, OF - Hunter Owen, RHP - Matt Maradeo, SS - Richard Martinez, 1B - Dan Maycock, OF - Steve Bralver, OF - Dustin Koca, 1B - Daryl Jones, RHP - Austin Chambliss, RHP - Mario Guilin, 1B - AC Grable, LHP - Austin Bridges

The Freedom have definitely made some positive moves so far. Stephen Shults leads the team in hitting and HR's and is a 2010 Frontier League All-Star. Bryan Banes has been a bright spot in the rotation, Michael Campbell, Cory Wine, and Jimmy Baker are fixtures in the Freedom's starting line-up, and Cameron Aspaas is 2-0 in his first 3 starts.

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