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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Secrets of the Bullpen

What really goes on in the bullpen of the Florence Freedom? Aren't you just itching to know what is said between this secret society of Freedom players? Well, most of it I can't repeat. What I can tell you is, they're a lot of fun to be around.
Normally, I get to spend about 3 innings in the bullpen every game (the best duty I have as an intern). I mostly just sit back and listen. In between innings, they're taking jabs at each other and making off-color comments. When the game is going on though, they're into it. I always thought that life in the bullpen would be boring. It's not. My self-proclaimed leaders of the pen, Austin Bridges and Ben Shivers have live arms and live mouths. No one is safe from their stories.
Most of the stuff I hear is absolute, beautiful, from the soul, poetry. "Do you remember that game down in Tennessee when it was 70 degrees on the field but the humidity was 678%? There were literally water droplets forming in the air." - Ben Shivers. No, it's not all about baseball, but in a way it still is. Baseball is not just a game, as we know. It's a lifestyle, and it transcends through their stories. Every story links back to a game or a player. Everything links back to baseball with these guys. It's fun being out in the bullpen.. a lot of fun.


  1. Love this update. Let's hear mire of this

  2. How fun is this site! Can't wait to hear more